Anti-White brainwashing at New Hampton School

I graduated from New Hampton School and received my brick in 1998.

This is anti-White brainwashing at its finest. It is sad listening to these White kids talking about MLK like he is a hero. It’s not like they have a choice. I’m sure if they uttered a single criticism of MLK they would be called a ‘racist’ and they would be spoken to about it by administration. Sounds like a form of bullying to me. No teenage kid wants to go through their High School years known as the ‘racist’ so they say what they need to say in order to survive and not be hated by their peers. Either way, these kids need to know that MLK was a plagiarizing, prostitute abusing, thieving, Marxist tool of Communist Jews.

Anti White brainwashing at New Hampton School

The Truth about MLK

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