How do our schools plan on keeping White kids safe from Diversity violence?

Manchester schools seem to have a problem on their hands. Recently, a 14 year old White girl was attacked by a dark skinned girl and most recently a White male student was assaulted by a Black male student. While our political leaders, ‘business leaders’ and ‘non profit leaders’ seek to make New Hampshire less White, it appears that White kids are already getting the brunt of it. Is this what Chris Sununu and his ‘diversity council’ has in mind?

I wrote the following letter to Manchester Superintendent Bolgen Vargas. He hasn’t replied.

My name is Ryan Murdough. As a parent of children who attend public school in New Hampshire, I am concerned about the safety of White students in your school district. I recently saw the video of a White female teenager being attacked by a dark skinned female student and another video of a Black male student assaulting a White male student?

Are there any indications that these students were attacked because they are White? How does your school district plan to keep White students safe while the Southern part of New Hampshire continues to become ‘diverse’ (less White)?
Whenever an area becomes more ‘diverse’ crime goes up significantly. According to official crime statistics Blacks and Latinos commit a much more significant amount of violent crime than Whites. With that in mind, how do New Hampshire schools plan on keeping White students safe from attacks in the future?
Thank you for your time,

Ryan J Murdough

14 year old White girl brutally beaten by dark skinned girl in Manchester High School

White male student assaulted by Black male student in Manchester High School

Several years ago a 12 year old White girl was attacked by African boys in Manchester New Hampshire. A tooth punctured her lip and her jaw was dislocated.

12 year old White girl assaulted by African boys


Manchester Superintendent Bolgen Vargas abruptly resigns

MANCHESTER —School Superintendent Dr. Bolgen Vargas, who is in the middle of his third year as leader or the state’s largest school system, abruptly resigned on Friday, giving the school board a 90-day notice, officials announced.

Vargas, a native of the Dominican Republic and the first minority superintendent in the district, sent a notice Friday morning announcing his resignation. In the letter, Vargas said he is committed to helping a transition.

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