Principal of Dover Middle School, Kim Lyndes endorses homosexual propaganda for 5th-8th graders

A few months ago I went to the open house at Dover Middle School. As I was walking through the halls observing where my children spend much of their time I noticed fliers on the walls. Dover Middle School is grades 5-8 so I was surprised to see a flier advertising a homosexual student group. When I was in 5th grade I didn’t know what a homosexual was.

I decided to contact the Principal to discuss the issue.

. I attended the open house a little while back and noticed fliers on the walls with information about a homosexual group that gets together at the school. I’m wondering why my 10 and 11 year old sons need to see anything to do with any kind of sexuality at school.

Ryan Murdough

Her response:

Hello Ryan,

We met on Open House night. I helped you find your child’s teacher.

We have many clubs at Dover Middle School in hopes that all students can find one that they enjoy and extend their school experience.

The Color Club has been in existence for many years. It is common for middle and high schools to have a club like this. It provides a safe place for any student that wants to promote tolerance and acceptance of all people.

I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Kim Lyndes

My response:

What happens to a student if they voice their opinion in opposition to homosexuality? Are they labeled ‘homophobes ‘ the rest of their time in school? Will teachers attempt to ‘convince ‘ them that homosexuality is wonderful?
Young kids desperately want to fit in and have friends. If a young kid doesn’t like homosexuality but doesn’t want to be seen as the social outcast, that’s a form of bullying on the part of the administration that runs the school in which the child attends.
I hope that’s not how things are at DMS.

Her response:


No one has to participate in this group that does not want to. There are no requirements from this group for all of our students.

We are aware that individuals have different opinions. We expect students to be respectful towards each other on all topics.

No one will try to convince anyone that one belief is better than another. The group is about accepting everyone regardless of beliefs, without putting others down. There is no bullying around this.

Kim Lyndes

Considering that Public Education is driven by a Marxist philosophy, I wonder what the reaction would be if fliers were put up in opposition to Homosexual behavior . Kim says no bullying would occur but we all know how liberals operate. Their M.O. has always been intimidation and coercement.

As I told her in my email, young kids want to fit in, make friends, and have fun. Most of them are going to say and do what they need to in order to make their time most enjoyable and that is what makes children so easy to coerce and downright brainwash. That is why liberals target our children so aggressively. The last thing young kids need to concern themselves with is one of their classmates declaring who and why they like to touch the privates of their same sex class mate.

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