Cuck Sununu and his Diversity(Anti-White) Council submit recommendations for possible N.H. legislation

This picture speaks a thousand words. This is a picture of a White man who is so afraid of being called a racist that he creates an unnecessary ‘Council’ in order to cater to people who want to legislate special treatment for people who are not White.

Sununu and his Anti White Council submit recommendations for possible legislation.

After holding 14 listening sessions across New Hampshire, Governor Sununu’s Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion has released a preliminary list of recommendations aimed at increasing equity in the state.

Among the six recommendations (you can read them all here) is a call to increase money for diversity training in schools.

Public Schools are constantly fighting for funding and dealing with cuts to funding. Sometimes entire programs get cut from the school curriculum. If there is any funding to be had, it should go toward programs that teach kids vocational skills they can use once their time in High School is over.

The Public School system is nothing but an Anti White, Marxist indoctrination program run by anti White liberals and paid for by tax paying citizens of New Hampshire. White people are literally funding a system that directly harms their own people and the future of their children and grandchildren.

Council Chair Rogers Johnson points to several incidents in schools over the past two years, including students singing about the Ku Klux Klan to the tune of Jingle Bells.

According to Rogers Johnson a few students singing about the Ku Klux Klan to the tune of jingle bells is grounds for statewide legislation.

In the past few weeks alone there has been two separate incidents of White students being assaulted by Black and Latino students in the Manchester school district.

14 year old White girl assaulted by Hispanic female student

Video clip shows Negro student assaulting White student

In 2012, twelve year old Morgan Graveline was assaulted by young African thugs after she refused their advances. This also occurred in Manchester, New Hampshire.

12 year old White girl assaulted by young African thugs after she refused their advances

The truth is that White kids in New Hampshire have been receiving ‘Diversity training’ for a while now.

Webster Elementary seems to be having some problems with ‘Diversity’.

Webster Elementary is filled with 3rd world kids who take off their clothes and throw feces

Located on outer Elm Street, Webster Elementary School serves much of the North End and is also a magnet school for elementary-age students who do not speak English as their first language.

Lynch said that on several occasions police were called to the school when things got “out of control.”

“There were students running around, leaving the classroom, defecating on the stage and throwing it at people, and others stripping down to nothing,” Lynch said. “If we had an emergency drill, we couldn’t let them leave the room because it was unsafe.”

Former Superintendent Bolgen Vargas covered up school stabbing

To the Editor: I’m writing to express my extreme concern and anger over the incident on 9/25/2017 at Webster School in which our principal was stabbed by a student and parents were not notified. A violent act with a weapon occurred at my child’s school and not so much as a word went out to parents. How can this be?

To say I’m disappointed in the lack of communication and transparency around this incident by the school board and the administration is an understatement. In my opinion, the safety of children and staff at the school was a real concern and parents where never made a part of that conversation.

Recent reports indicate that the school remains understaffed to handle the student population that they are serving, specifically in the behavioral needs area of the school. On the face of it, it appears as if our elected officials have swept this incident as well as other concerns under the rug. To me and other parents of Webster students I have spoken to, the safety of our children and staff is not a number one priority for the district based on the handling of this event.

I would like answers as to why we were not notified and what steps have been taken to ensure the safety of our children and staff moving forward.

Elizabeth Pinard


Bolgen Vargas is originally from the Dominican Republic.

Diversity council recommendations for Legislation in N.H.

Much of the ‘recommendations ‘ put fourth by the ‘Diversity Council’ revolve around ‘anti-discrimination’ practices and procedures. The reason why they are being recommended is because it will give someone a reason to claim they were discriminated against.

Most White people are afraid to criticize or oppose a non-White person’s claim of ‘discrimination’ for fear of being labeled a ‘racist’. The case is usually a slam dunk and that usually results in the person being able to receive the special treatment they wanted in the first place.

It is merely a way for non-White people/minorities to get what they want. Playing the victim card is one of the strongest hands you can play.

Below are the people involved in this anti-White diversity council. My own recommendation is that White people put their foot down and assert themselves. These anti White people need to know that their anti White agenda is not welcome in New Hampshire.

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