Anti-White Immigration Attorney (((Ron Abramson))) from Manchester, N.H. struggling with cases amidst Government Shutdown

Anti White immigration attorney (((Ron Abramson))) having trouble with cases amidst Government Shutdown

Manchester-based immigration attorney Ron Abramson says about a quarter of his cases are directly affected by the shutdown.

This is great news. This Jewish lawyer makes a living importing 3rd world immigrants into New Hampshire.

Ron Abramson is the same Jewish attorney who walked from Manchester to Dover in protest of U.S. immigration laws several months ago.

(((Ron Abramson))) leads 40 mile run/walk in protest of U.S. immigration laws

I wanted to do something to draw attention to immigration issues,” Abramson said. “I wanted to put myself in some discomfort, as my clients are. Our office has always been busy, but now our phones ring constantly. We are hard pressed to identify as many clients as possible that we can help.”

While most of the walkers took four days for the journey, Ron Abramson did it in one – running. Wearing a T-shirt that announced he was a “Dirty Immigration Lawyer,” Abramson’s trip from Manchester to Dover was completed in seven hours.

White people are being conditioned to welcome the destruction of their state and nation. The whole objective of the ‘Diversity Forum ‘ in Dover was to browbeat Whites into feeling guilty enough so that they never stand up for themselves as White people. Anti-Whites want to keep Whites in a perpetual state of fear so that they never challenge the things that contribute to their demise.

The anti-White agenda is a multi faceted attack and people like Ron Abramson are a part of it.

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