Anti-Whites lead Dover ‘Diversity’ forum

A team of Anti Whites led by Dover Superintendent William Harbron lectured 200 people in Dover about ‘racism’ and ‘White Supremacy’.

Dover community forum addresses ‘racism’ in wake of viral video

School Superintendent William Harbron welcomed attendees to the session Wednesday, saying his office has been working on addressing racial issues within the district since July. He said the forum is just the beginning of long-lasting change.

“We have a journey to go on. We have a journey to talk about things that are uncomfortable, to talk about racism and white supremacy,” Harbron said. “This is just the start. This is not something to cross off a checklist.

Mr. Harbron, if you truly wanted to discuss “uncomfortable things” we would be talking about how ‘diversity’ has brought more violence into New Hampshire and it’s schools. If White Supremacy truly existed your diversity forum would never have happened because White people would not be afraid of being labeled a ‘racist’ and would have shut down any kind of forum for social justice engineering laced with forced White guilt.

I have a very inconvenient, uncomfortable truth for you Mr. Harbron. Here it is:

The ‘lack of diversity ‘ in New Hampshire is what makes it a great state. Deep down you know this too but your job does not allow you to acknowledge that truth.

Blacks, Latinos, and 3rd worlders come here because it has been a great place to live for a long time but the more ‘diverse’ it becomes the worse it will get. There isn’t a single place in the world that is majority Black and not a violent shithole.

Other Anti-Whites who were a part of this forum.

Michelle Holt-Shannon

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