NHPR is Anti-White

I recently posted a few comments under a few of their articles using their Discus comment system. I posted using my real name and did not use any slurs or curse words. My comments were deleted and I was banned by NHPR.

One of the articles I posted a comment on was the story about how Dover High School will be holding a forum about ‘racism’ after a video surfaced showing two students in a classroom singing a song about the Ku Klux Klan to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Dover High School will be holding a forum about ‘racism’ after KKK song sung by students to the of Jingle Bells

My comment went something like this:

“A two hour testimony and a public forum for a song? What about the White students who were recently assaulted by Black and Latino students in the Manchester school district? Why is there no outrage for those incidents”?

That comment was deleted.

The other story I posted a comment under was the story about how a male former student at Dartmouth is suing the college because he was unfairly kicked out after a female student accused him of sexual assault.

Expelled Dartmouth Student Sues College, Claims Administrators Unfairly Favored Accuser

My comment went like this:

“This is what happens when a female is immediately believed without any evidence or proof”.

That comment was deleted.

NHPR is just another Anti White media outlet. They set their Anti White narrative, silence any opposition to their agenda, and label anyone who opposes them a ‘racist’. The reason why Anti Whites use the term ‘racist ‘ so often is because most White people are deathly afraid to be labeled a ‘racist ‘ so in turn they stay silent and refrain from challenging the Anti White agenda. Most White people are afraid of the consequences of being called a ‘racist’.

Anti Whites operate on intimidation and fear yet they accuse others of being ‘hateful’ or ‘bigoted’.

Their contact info is below:

Their staff page is here:

NHPR staff

Many of them list their personal contact info and they have pictures posted as well.

If you are interested in contacting them and letting them know that their anti-White agenda is not welcome in New Hampshire, feel free.

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