Local man encourages people in New Hampshire to ‘reject degeneracy ‘ at Homo/Drag Queen event

Despite the opposition to the Homo/Drag queen event at Nashua Public Library, the show went on.

Homo/Drag Queen event at Nashua Library goes on

The Drag Queen, who goes by the name ‘Monique Toosoon’ is a homosexual man who enjoys dressing up as a woman. Most of the events that he participates in are sexually explicit but the event at the library was not. I’m guessing he did this so that it would be more ‘family friendly’. The Truth is that he wants to appeal to as many people as possible in order to spread his message of ‘diversity and inclusion‘ . People like him want to normalize perverted behavior and they know that targeting our youth is the most effective way of doing so.

Toosoon began by reading a few poems and passages that highlighted diversity and inclusion. She riffed and joked with the mostly supportive audience.

Diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ are merely words used by freaks and degenerates in order to achieve a ‘victim’ status. They do this because they want people to be afraid of openly opposing their perverted agenda.

Cornerstone Action opposed the event early on but one man who showed up to the event ended up being the hero of the day.

One protester held a sign outside that read “reject degeneracy.” He would not give his name.

The man who held this sign goes by the name of Nate Higgers. Nate told me that while he was the only person willing to reject degeneracy the way he did, many people gave him winks, nods, and even whispers of encouragement outside the library.

The fact is that most people do reject the degeneracy of men like Toosoon but many people are afraid to take a public stand against it because they fear being given one of the many labels used by the degenerate left. The left uses labels in order to attain ‘victim status’. If they can successfully paint themselves as victims they can attempt to discredit any opposition.

Men like Nate don’t seek the approval of anyone. They simply tell the truth and stand up for it no matter what the odds are. Men like Nate are leaders and I can guarantee that he inspired others to hold signs and reject degeneracy the next time they get the chance.

Don’t be surprised if Nate and others who share his convictions show up whenever something needs to be opposed in New Hampshire.

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