Jews are behind the opiate epidemic in New Hampshire


A member of the Oxycontin-manufacturing Sackler family said at the launch party for the drug in the 1990’s that the coming “prescription blizzard” would be “deep, dense and white,” according to a bombshell court filing by the Massachusetts Attorney General.


Jews behind opiate epidemic

But for the family in charge of Purdue Pharma, $635 million is merely a cost of doing business after sales of OxyContin passed the $35 billion mark from 1995 to the current year. While InfoWars claims our “shadow government” is controlled by Rockefellers, Carnegies, Mellons and other withering elite WASP globalist diet villains, Mr Burns is no match for the Sackler family cartel, which in 2015 was estimated by Forbes to have amassed a fortune of $14 billion.

The Jewish Family behind the opioid crisis

If you’ve ever been to a famous art museum or glanced around a prestigious university, you’ve probably seen a wing or building named after a member of the Sackler family. But many may not know that the family’s fortune comes from selling pharmaceuticals—most notably OxyContin, the addictive painkiller at the center of America’s opioid epidemic.

The entire Sackler family should be deported to Israel.

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