New Hampshire has been deemed too White

This was originally published last August in the Laconia Daily Sun.

New Hampshire has been deemed too white by supposed “business leaders, government officials, and ‘members of non-profit organizations.” (See New York Times article by Katharine Q. Seelve titled: New Hampshire, 94 percent white, asks: How do you diversify a whole state?)

This is nothing new. I noticed this 10 years ago and it was probably happening before that, perhaps not to this extent. I describe the people above as anti-white social justice warriors. Their number one goal is to replace the white population with a darker one no matter the cost and they want to do it in New Hampshire. These social justice warriors are trying to make us believe that it is NEEDED and beneficial for the people of New Hampshire, despite the fact that New Hampshire is consistently ranked at the top of ‘most livable states in the country. People of New Hampshire: DO NOT BUY THE LIES THAT ARE BEING SOLD TO YOU BY THESE CULTURAL MARXISTS

The answer to the question posed in the newspaper headline:

1.Tell the white population that becoming less white is necessary to survive and call them ‘racist’ if they oppose it in any way.

2. Use charities and special interest groups to pressure the white population into accepting higher taxes in order to pay for low income housing.

3.Disguise the forced demographic replacement as something noble.

If people want to move to New Hampshire they will move here, but using bribes, incentives, and taxpayer-funded aid to lure people here is not what is beneficial to the people of New Hampshire. It is a sneaky way to force demographic replacement onto a population. As a state we have our problems for sure, but even with those problems New Hampshire is consistently ranked as a great state to live in. Why are we constantly being told that our state is broken and needs fixing?

The following organizations don’t care about the law. They only care about race and decreasing the white population. They admit it themselves on their website.

The MIRA Coalition:

“NHAIR works to build the power of low-income immigrants of color (regardless of immigration status); increase low-income immigrant leadership; and implement campaigns to protect employment and civil rights of N.H. immigrants and refugees, working closely with the labor and faith-based allies.”

This sounds like hardcore discrimination of white people to me. It sounds like they want to force less qualified people of color into the workforce based solely on their race and they don’t care if someone is illegally in the United States. This also sounds like businesses would have to strictly adhere to quotas making them more reluctant to fire someone “of color,”

This communist coalition is supported by other local New Hampshire organizations. Funders, Allies, and Leadership are listed on the ‘Welcoming New Hampshire”website (

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