New Hampshire N.A.A. of Colored People want to spread their Anti-White agenda into every school in New Hampshire

There is no appeasing these people. New Hampshire doesn’t need Black people and these Black people should not be allowed to use fear and intimidation in order to brainwash and indoctrinate our youth in New Hampshire. Whites are 93% of the New Hampshire population yet these Anti Whites think they can bully us. Let them know that it will not happen.

Does this ‘Diversity funding’ include money to keep the New England NAACP website up and running?

NAACP wants every school in New Hampshire to teach Anti White indoctrination

Seacoast NAACP President Rogers Johnson called for a fundamental change in the educational process and more funding for diversity and inclusiveness training for administrators and staff in every New Hampshire school district. He is hopeful Gov. Chris Sununu will include money for these efforts in his soon to be presented budget.

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