Feminists, Fatties and the Swimsuit Issue

There are many things I have learned about feminism but one subject I have recently begun paying attention to is ‘fat feminism’. Fat feminism is essentially unattractive women who seek to redefine what is and isn’t beautiful in order to make themselves and other unattractive women feel better. They make themselves out to be noble in their fight for ‘body positivity’ but their main goal is to tear down beauty in all forms by claiming that every fat landwhale is beautiful too.

Maria Kang

Maria Kang is a mother of 3 boys who posted the picture on the left 5 years ago with the caption “what’s your excuse”?

Fat women everywhere accused her of ‘fat shaming’ because she dared to show off her fit body while asking women what their excuses are for not being fit and healthy as mothers.

Five years after posting the first photo, Maria posted another but she changed the wording in the caption. The new caption reads “what’s your reason”?

She clearly felt the wrath of feminists and their butthurt, fat mommy supporters and changed the wording in order to alleviate the onslaught. In a healthy society fit beautiful mothers should be celebrated but we do not live in one of those. We live in a society where those who cry and whine the loudest get what they want.

Are you beach body ready?

Several years ago Protein World was the target of fat feminists after displaying a billboard of model Renee Somerfield in a yellow bikini with the caption “Are you beach body ready”?

Fat feminists claimed that the image sent a message of body shaming to women who didn’t have the same kind of bikini body as Somerfield. Women who look good in a bikini are not a dime a dozen and bikini models are supposed to be “a cut above “. That is why they are models. They put the time in to take care of their bodies and they choose not to consume food that negatively impacts their body. Excellence, discipline, and beauty should be applauded but fat feminists choose to attack them because they don’t want to be accountable for being fat slobs.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

As a teenager I always looked forward to the swimsuit issue. The women were beautiful and I never saw a fat woman in the magazine. I wouldn’t have looked at it if it did. Since then things have changed. Granted, it is still chock full of gorgeous women who look great in bikinis but the magazine began using fat women as models. Ashley Graham made headlines when she became the first ‘plus size ‘ model to appear on the cover a few years ago. ‘Plus size ‘ is the politically correct way of saying that a woman is fat.

I have no idea if it was a business decision to find fatties to put in their magazine but I can’t imagine most men are clamoring to pay to see fat women in bikinis.

Ashley Graham

Tabria Majors

Other S.I. Fatties

I have a theory that the internet and social media have cut into S.I. swimsuit issue popularity in a big way and now they are trying to recreate their identity into a social justice vehicle for Fat feminists.

Instagram is saturated with beautiful women in bikinis who look way better than the landwhales S.I. is now trotting out on their pages. Either way, fat feminists would be happier if they shut up, started eating more veggies and started exercising.

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