Anti -White Dartmouth College offers free ski trips to students of color

I honestly don’t have a problem with this as long as White students would be allowed to have a free ski trip offered to only White students.

Based on the level of ‘diversity worship’ at Dartmouth I am going to go out on a limb and guess that it would not happen. Dartmouth prides itself on being less White (diverse) even though the state of New Hampshire is 93% White and the fact that if it wasn’t for White men, the school wouldn’t exist.

Anti White Dartmouth offers free ski trips to students of color

While the events are not advertised anywhere on the university’s website, the event organizer, Dartmouth Assistant Director for Leadership and Experiential Education Tracie Williams, confirmed to Campus Reform that POC Ski Days are “university sponsored” events, and are, specifically, functions of the Outdoor Programs Office’s People of Color Outside Group, a student group called “Black Girls are Magic,” the school’s athletics department, and the Dartmouth Skiway.

Diversity at Dartmouth College

The Murdough Center

President Hanlon earned himself a spot on our ‘Anti-Whites in New Hampshire’ list.

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