New Hampshire Nationalists support Doug ‘Based’ Bersaw

It doesn’t happen very often but every now and then an office holder is worthy of our support.

Doug ‘Based’ Bersaw has committed the ultimate crime. He dared to tell the truth about Jews and the Holohoax and now some people are questioning whether he should be able to have a 3 year seat on the Richmond Board of Selectmen.

Based Bersaw gunning for 3 year term

Bersaw, who was appointed to the board last year after Selectman Christin Daugherty stepped down, is quoted in a 2004 Boston Globe article as saying “there’s a lot of controversy among people who study the so-called Holocaust. There’s a misperception that Hitler had a position to kill all the Jews. It’s a fraud. Six million people — it didn’t occur.”

Oy vey, how dare he question the existence of gas chambers in the brick and mortar buildings that were completely incapable of functioning as gas execution buildings.

The Boston Globe is an anti-White newspaper and it wouldn’t surprise me if Based Bersaw was misquoted but his response to questions tells me that he knows the truth about the Holohoax and simply wants to be left alone.

When asked about his current beliefs about the Holocaust, Bersaw refused to answer.

“What’s your belief about the Holocaust,” he asked in response.

When pressed about his beliefs, Bersaw cut the conversation short.

“I’m not interested in answering it,” he said.

Bersaw hung up the phone before more questions could be asked.

We understand why Doug would want to be left alone by annoying anti-White reporters but we encourage him to embrace his understanding of the Holohoax. The Truth needs to be told and we need courageous men willing to tell it.

The next time an anti-White asks Doug about his Holohoax beliefs he should tell them that he bathes in the tears of those who continue to promote the Jewish lies and if he could he would do it in the old swimming pools of the Labor Camps.

Either way Doug ‘Based ‘ Bersaw, we salute you.

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