Anti White Coalitions seek to make New Hampshire less White

Building Community in New Hampshire is an anti-White corporation that seeks to make New Hampshire less White. They cloak their objectives in nobility and claim to be helping refugees but the end result is the same, a less White New Hampshire.

Building Community in New Hampshire

In June 2017, the corporation ended up changing its name to Building Community in New Hampshire, BCNH. A new and inclusive mission statement has been adopted as “a multi-ethnic, Mutual Assistance Association that provides an array of services required by diverse refugee and immigrant communities to help newcomers understand and navigate the systems that are part of everyday life.

Many White people I discuss this with have no idea that coalitions such as this exist. If you go to their sites their objectives are very clear.

During these five years, BCNH will embark on a systematic program to build the crucial elements of organizational capacity to position itself to become a leader and founding member of a new Mutual Assistance Association that builds on the strengths of multiple ethnic community organizations to provide the highest quality social services required by refugees and other recent immigrants as they strive to integrate fully into mainstream New Hampshire society.

What they want is as many free services for diversity as they can get. Their funders are listed below. Leaders of the Funders will soon be listed on our ‘Anti-Whites in New Hampshire’ page.

Office of Refugee Resettlement

New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Health Equity

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

The Endowment for Health

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

The MIRA Coalition

MIRA is the largest coalition in New England promoting the rights and integration of immigrants and refugees. With offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we advance this mission through education and training, leadership development, institutional organizing, strategic communications, policy analysis and advocacy.

MIRA’s New Hampshire branch, Welcoming New Hampshire, is headed by Director Eva Castillo.

MIRA’S objectives are very similar to B.C.N.H. They want to make New Hampshire less White by flooding New Hampshire with turd worlders and force White taxpayers to foot the bill for as many services as possible.

We have worked to secure millions of dollars in state funding for programs that support the social, civic and economic integration of immigrants and refugees.

They are also using their resources to fight “anti-immigrant” bias. This usually takes form in forced ‘Diversity training’ and ‘Anti-discrimination ‘ legislation. Simply put, these Anti-Whites are using taxpayer money to not only promote a less White New Hampshire but they are also attempting to make it illegal to oppose the forced Diversity.

We advocate for progressive policies at the state, local and national levels, and fight to defeat anti-immigrant measures.

How do you feel about that White man? According to these Anti-Whites, White people have no right to oppose their state becoming a dumping ground for third world invaders .

MIRA has 130 organizational members and Welcoming New Hampshire is supported by New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and Endowment for Health.

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