About Us

I am proud to announce that New Hampshire Nationalists are establishing Chapters in several Counties in New Hampshire and we are constantly expanding. The blatant Anti White agenda is waking a lot of White people up and it is motivating them to finally stand up and oppose it. Whether it is Cuck Sununu and his Diversity Council or Rogers Johnson and the Anti White NAACP, White people are taking notice and they no longer care about being labeled a ‘racist’ by Anti-Whites for merely standing up for themselves and telling the truth about racial issues.

In the future we will have Chapters in each county in New Hampshire and they will work together to stand up for the interests of White people in New Hampshire. As parents we are tired of diversity violence increasing in our schools and we are tired of Anti Whites telling us we are wrong for having the courage to discuss it.

We week to oppose any and all anti White behavior in the state of New Hampshire. Whether it be in our schools, courts of law, businesses, or government, it is our duty to get involved and oppose the anti-White Marxists who want to demoralize us and ultimately replace us. It’s up to us. Deep down you know what the future holds if we do nothing. Please join us.

Ryan J Murdough

Founder and President of New Hampshire Nationalists

New Hampshire Nationalists

P.O. Box 242

New Hampton, NH 03256