Anti-Whites in New Hampshire

These people are Anti White based on their behavior. Anti Whites have largely been able to hide or fly under the radar because they have learned to cloak their anti-White agenda in ‘tolerance ‘, ‘open mindedness’, ‘Diversity ‘, etc.

They have thrived on the fact that most White people are afraid to question or criticize ‘diversity’ because they fear being called a ‘racist’. Fortunately, more and more White people are beginning to see the truth and they are realizing that the fear of being called a ‘racist’ is merely a bullying tactic used by Anti-Whites.

Chris Sununu

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Chris Sununu created a ‘Diversity Council ‘ in order to appease various anti-White individuals and organizations in New Hampshire. After the anti-White conference was held at the headquarters of Eversource last July, Sununu did nothing except cuck and appease.

Chris Sununu and his ‘Diversity Council ‘ recently submitted proposals for possible legislation. One of the proposals is to provide funding for ‘Diversity training ‘ in schools. You can read about all of the proposals here.

Dottie Morris


Dottie Morris is on Governor Sununu’s ‘Diversity Council ‘. She recently helped facilitate the ‘Diversity Forum ‘ at Dover High School.

The people of color at the forum, in particular, said they were glad the white residents in their groups were open to concepts like white privilege – and they hoped those residents would continue to grow and spread their understanding, even when it was hard.

She is the associate vice President for Diversity and Inclusion at Keene State College.

Ron Abramson


Immigration Solutions

(((Ron Abramson))) is an immigration lawyer who specializes in making New Hampshire less White by assisting immigrants in New Hampshire. Last summer he participated in the 40 mile immigrant justice march.

David Watters


David Watters is a State Senator in District 4. He participated in the 40 mile ‘immigrant justice’ march last summer.

Eric Jackson

603-669-2807 ext. 101

Eric is the Pastor of Brookside Congregational Church in Manchester New Hampshire.

Eric is also an officer in the Manchester, New Hampshire N.A.A.of Colored People.

In the video below Eric talks about hanging a ‘Black Lives Matter’ flag at Universalist Unitarian Church of Manchester.

Eric participated in an interview on NHPR in which he stated that freedom of speech should not include pro White viewpoints and that White people should not be able to oppose the anti-White agenda.

During this interview the Charlottesville Rally of 2017 was discussed and there was no mention of the Antifa violence and attacks on others that was allowed to occur by local authorities.

Jerrianne Boggis


Jerrianne Boggis is the Executive Director of the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire.

She participated in the Anti-White ‘Diversity Conference’ at Eversource Headquarters last summer.

She participated in the same interview on NHPR with Eric Jackson, Robin Nafshi, and Tom White. The Charlottesville Rally was discussed and there was no mention of the violence committed by Antifa that was allowed to occur by local authorities.

Devon Chaffee


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Devon Chaffee is the Executive Director of ACLU New Hampshire.

Devon is on Governor Sununu’s Diversity Council.

ACLU New Hampshire recently announced a new mission to make New Hampshire less White.

Devon teamed up with Rogers Johnson and wrote a letter to UNH urging them to hire a President who will force the anti-White agenda of ‘diversity and inclusion’ onto the population of UNH.

Rabbi Robin Nafshi


Rabbi Robin Nafshi is a Rabbi at Temple Beth Jacob in Concord, New Hampshire. She is a lesbian.

A few years ago Uriel Heilman wrote an article titled, “Who are the Jews of New Hampshire?” .

I wrote a response specifically to that article here.

The title sounds innocent but the intent of the article is to make White people feel guilty for how Jews supposedly feel living in New Hampshire. Rabbi Robin is quoted several times in the article.

“In New Hampshire, unless you were born here or your grandparents or great-grandparents were born here, you’re left to feel like you’re an outsider,” Temple Beth Jacob’s Rabbi Nafshi said. “If you’re not a white Christian, you’re welcomed here to an extent, but you’re never really fully integrated into the society.”

“It’s a complete lack of knowledge or sensitivity to the Jewish community,” Nafshi said. “It often makes our kids make feel lesser or outside the norm.”

Jews are very effective at making White people feel sorry for them. They create an artificial victimhood for themselves and then they accuse anyone who questions their victimhood of being an ‘anti-semite ‘. It’s been a very effective method of control for them. They have mastered how to use fear and intimidation in a way that they are the ones who come across as the defenseless victims.

White people are deathly afraid of criticizing Jews and their behavior. It’s gotten to the point where White people are afraid of telling obvious truths about Jews simply because they fear being labeled an ‘anti-semite’. That is why ‘Holohoax’ Programming is so important for Jews. Even though the lies of the Holohoax have been exposed numerous times, Jews continue to forcefeed the programming down our throats every chance they can get. Jews know that in order to have control over White people they need to keep the lies going in order to maintain the artificial victim status. If they can maintain that status they can keep White people fearful of criticizing them and their anti-White agenda.

Rabbi Robin participated in a NHPR interview in which she stated that pro White viewpoints and any questioning of the Holohoax should not be covered under ‘freedom of speech’. She is essentially saying that White people don’t have the right to hear and speak the truth about racial issues and historical events. Anyone who opposes truth being told is an enemy plain and simple.

Rogers Johnson

Rogers Johnson is the Chairman for Governor Sununu’s ‘Diversity Council‘ and he is the President of the Seacoast Chapter of the N.A.A. of Colored People.

Back in 2017 he pressured UNH to hire a President who will force the Anti-White agenda onto everyone at UNH by enforcing ‘Diversity and inclusion ‘.

In an open letter to the presidential search committee, Devon Chaffee of the New Hampshire ACLU and Rogers Johnson of the Seacoast NAACP say the hiring of a new UNH president is the single greatest way to redirect the university.

Like a typical, never satisfied, whiny Negro, Johnson questioned the hiring of UNH President James Dean.

“I have to take them for their word that they did that,” Johnson said. “But if you look at the press release, the thing that jumps out is that he produced revenue for the institution.”

Rogers, typically the main objective of a business is to produce revenue, not coddle Blacks and constantly worry about your feelings. I know that decades of catering and coddling from fear stricken Whites has made you feel invincible and entitled but there are a growing number of White people who don’t care about your feelings. We care more about White kids and their safety, particularly safety from the violence committed by the ‘Diversity ‘ that is being forced onto White people in New Hampshire.

Tom White


Tom White, Coordinator of Educational Outreach at the Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Keene State College.

Tom participated in an interview on NHPR in which he stated that freedom of speech should not include any speech that is ‘untrue’. He was referring to the increasing number of people who are learning the truth about the Holohoax. Tom does not believe that people should be able to tell the truth about how gas chambers never existed in any of the camps and how the buildings in the labor camps were structurally incapable of functioning as gas chambers.

Gas chamber expert debunks Holohoax lies

Tom, if all of the evidence proves that gas chambers never existed what exactly are you teaching at your school? Are you teaching students lies?

Gloria Timmons

President of Nashua NAACP

Juan Cofield

President of New England NAACP