The Mission

It’s OK to be White is such a simple phrase yet it always invokes hostile reactions whenever it is used. The reason for this is because for a very long time we have been brainwashed and browbeaten into being afraid to identify as White people in a positive way. The only acceptable context that we can discuss our White identity in, is in a self defeating and self deprecating manner. Anti-Whites want us to feel guilty for being White and if we openly state that we do not feel guilty we are called ‘racists’. Our enemies know that as long as they have us feeling guilty we will never take a stand against the problems that we face.

As White people we have problems within our own ranks and those need to be addressed and dealt with but the Anti-White agenda is a huge problem that we face worldwide. In the United States we are constantly told that ‘diversity is a strength’ even though reality says otherwise. Everywhere you look some type of ‘diversity training’ or ‘diversity program’ is forced onto us as something we need in order to be good human beings but all it really is is a way to prevent Whites from standing up for their own interests as White people. Diversity means ‘less White’ and if a White person opposes the idea of the White population decreasing they are immediately called racists. Anti-Whites are literally training White people to submit and not stand up for themselves.

Anti-Whites control us by using fear and intimidation. We are afraid to be called ‘racist’ for many reasons. We are afraid to lose friends and social status. We are afraid of being ostracized by our family members. We are afraid of losing jobs and careers. We are afraid so we stay silent. We stay silent because it is comfortable but we need to ask ourselves why that is. Why is it more comfortable to stay silent than speak up about issues that are negatively affecting us? It is natural to want to be comfortable but our anti-White enemies have used that comfort as a way to keep us subdued and numb. They have us focused on meaningless things to occupy our time so that we are not occupying it by doing things that are good for us. We are scrolling Instagram, watching anti-White movies, addicted to porn and keeping track of professional sports teams and athletes. We care more about Black athletes scoring touchdowns than the crime rate of Blacks in America. Because we have been brainwashed with anti-White rhetoric for so many years we have a White population that casts out their own people for merely standing up for each other’s interests. Our enemies have successfully brainwashed the White population to the point where they have us turning on each other rather than caring about each other.

We need to realize it is OK to be White and more importantly we need to begin asserting ourselves because there are a lot of people out there who are actively working against us so that we don’t assert ourselves. There is no negotiating in this struggle. We either win or lose.